7 Minutes Workout

Fitness is one of the things that most people want but most of them do not have time to work out or do not know the proper method. Most of them think that they have to exercise an hour to stay fit. By just thinking about working out for that long discourages us from getting out of our bed. But now a proper and easy exercise pattern has been developed which takes about 7 minutes to keep ourselves fit. The exercise includes 12 workouts which is to be practiced for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. It has been very effective to stay fit and healthy. The workouts are very easy to perform and doesn’t take time. The sequence of the exercises are given below:-

1. Jumping Jacks
This is very simple exercise and is for warming up the body. We stand straight with our hands by our side and legs close together. Then we jump and spread our legs and hands at the same time. After that we jump again and return to normal position.

2.Wall Sit
In this exercise we sit like a chair with the support of the wall. The legs are close together and at the knees and at the hips 90 degree is formed. The back is supported by the wall. This exercise helps to strengthen quadriceps muscles.

3. Push ups
In this exercise we lie down facing the ground and hands resting above our shoulders. When we begin we press down and come to a position where our elbows are straight and our legs are making certain angle with the ground. Then we release our selfs and come back to original position and then it is repeated. This exercises our whole middle part of the body

4. Crunches
In this exercise we lie down on the ground facing upward and knees folded and hands behind our head. As we start we pull ourselves towards our knees as far as possible and then return to our original position. This exercise helps to reduce stomach fat and also helps to develop abs.

5. Step up
For this we require a place where there is a height like staircase. We first stand at the bottom. As we start we go up the height or the stair and then we go back. We have to alternate our feet.

6. Plank
In this exercise we have to lie down on our stomach and then with the help of our elbows we lift ourselves up and we also have our toes straight. Our body must also be straight.

7. Squats
In this we first stand straight after that we go down bending our knees and looking straight then we get back to our original position

8. Chair Dips
For this we would require a chair. We first sit on the chair then we put our hands on the edge of the chair and move forward from the chair in such a way that we are resting our body only with hands and no part of body except hands are touching the chair. Then we go down and go back up.

9. Lunges
In this exercise we stand straight then we move forward with our right leg keeping the left leg in original position and touching our left knee to the ground. Then we get back up and repeat it with another leg.

10. Running in place
This is a very simple but effective exercise. In this the whole body is exercised. We just run in the place where we are standing.

11. Push up and rotation
In this exercise we first do a push up then we move our right hand upwards making 180• with our left hand then we come back to our original position and repeat the exercise with left hand.

12. Side plank
In this exercise we rest our whole body on our right elbow and hands spreading out our left hands in air.

This is the whole work out. It is really simple to perform. If someone needs more intense workout then they can perform these same exercises 2-3 times.


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