Diabetes Mellitus (DM)


Diabetes mellitus commonly called diabetes is a non communicable disease. When a hormone, produced by pancreas called insulin, is either not produced enough or the body doesn’t react to it properly causes diabetes. Insulin helps to control the blood sugar level and store the extra glucose for future use. No cure has been developed till now so the people with diabetes need to manage their disease to stay healthy. There are three types of diabetes.

1. Type 1 diabetes

It is due to the pancreas not able to produce enough insulin for the body. It is normally caused in children

2. Type 2 diabetes

It is due to the development of resistance of insulin in the body. It is caused due to overweight and no regular exercise. It is normally called in adults.

3. Gestational diabetes

In this type pregnant women with no history diabetes develop high blood sugar level.

Sign and symptoms

The sign and symptoms of diabetes are as follows:-
Weight loss
Excess urination
Excess thirst
Excess hunger
Other symptoms include:-
Blurry vision
Slow healing of cuts
Itchy skin

Treatment and prevention

Their are no treatment of diabetes but we can prevent it. We can prevent diabetes by keeping an active life. If you have a diabetes history in the family then it is better to keep a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly. If you already have been diagnosed with diabetes then taking diabetes medicine must be taken regularly. Insulin doses as recommended by doctor must be taken.


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